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Brand Identity

Brand identity is how we seek to identify ourselves. It represents how we want to be perceived in the market. We communicate our identity to the costumers through our branding and marketing strategies.

Brand Name


PCO brand is renowned and reliable in this country for numerous reasons. Known earlier as a ballast manufacturer and now as a leading luminaire manufacturer, PCO had evolved into a reputable brand in this country. Aggressive marketing strategies are being executed to make sure that our brand is well known among Malaysians.

Brand Logo

Logos are meant to be the grand ambassador of a company. Our PCO does not vary in this issue. We had given a good amount of attention to the improvement and enhancement of our logo. Recently, we came up with a new version of our logo which is currently placed as our secondary option. This new logo is being aggressively promoted to our customers and suppliers as it is a proof the modernization that it is taking place at PCO.

Brand identity is a bundle of mental and functional associations with the brand. Companies are not “reasons-to-buy” but provide familiarity and differentiation that’s not replicable getting it.


The displayed logo is our primary visual representation. Our logo serves as a constructive incarnation of PCO’s exceptionality which continuously improving the acuity of the brand in the market. It correspondingly drives purchase intent by providing a vibrant notice for the welfares of our brand. The logo stands with three colours, which are white, blue and red. The logo displays an aeroplane circling the world and the word PCO Lite on top of it.


Secondary Logo

Secondary Logo With Brand Promise

In possession with our brand nature, the mark is forthright and humble, interacting directly and without disruption. This new logo is currently our secondary logo and it is extracted to maximize the visual appeal and effectiveness which are the qualities that rise progressively in a crowded, competitive marketplace. The colour red brings vibrancy and maximizes impact. It’s clear and directs execution leverages our existing visual equities while evolving through an aesthetic balance.

The logo entails of only one colour, which is red. We at PCO have registered the logo as our trademark. The registration mark must appear with the logo on all printed materials, such as letterhead, catalogues, banners, envelopes, and business cards, which are created, developed, and owned by PCO. The circle-R designation must be placed at the top right position of the logo as shown.

The attached brand promise “Lighting Solutions for Your Future”, is an optional addition which depends on the logo user. In case of addition, the phrase must be red in colour similar with the main logo, and positioned as shown in the picture.

Get our Brand Manual for more information