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Brand Philosophy

    Having a grand vision in mind, PCO endeavors to spearhead the lighting industry in Malaysia with a desire to fulfill the ever demanding market requirements. Our brand is highly environmental friendly and therefore we are endlessly improving the quality, look, feel and image of our products and the organizational structures to match and exceed consumer expectations by providing them the uppermost value.

    With enormous researches, improvements and headship in design, our brand always seeks to ensure that all our customers get more than what they have initially expected from us. As a well-known brand nationwide, PCO is socially and ecologically accountable, inventive and monetarily rewarding for their employees and shareholders.

    Holding solid commitments, our brand endlessly efforts to emphasize our competitive position and products in the market. Devoted to unfailingly deliver outstanding financial results, our brand has always retained and sometimes surpassed the expectations of customers from around the country.