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What's In The Offering?

PCO Lite Electrical is rapidly progressing in the race to be one of the best lighting luminaire manufacturers in the region. Manpower as well as brainpower is the essential ingredient in order to taste success in any field and lighting industry is no exception. Due to this, we are in need of an excellent team that can further realize our ambition. We need dynamic, committed candidates who can work independently and contribute to the growth of this company.

Various positions from various departments and sections are offered for suitable candidates from around the country. Candidates with technical abilities, business strategy ideas and designing minds are most welcomed to PCO.

Candidates with or without experience are encouraged to apply and join our team at PCO. Together we provide the lighting solutions for the future.


Get in touch with our ADMIN CUM HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGER Ms. Mary Chin

     +6012 - 5086286

or send a copy of your resume to our Human Resource Department using the address below.

Human Resource Department
Lot 157880 (PT1283),
Off Jalan Degong,
31900 Kampar,

     +605 - 4665313
     (Extension 113/116)
     +605 - 4667187