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PCO Lite Electrical Sdn. Bhd. is a leading luminaires manufaturer in Malaysia. We are experiencing a vast progress in the field of artifial lightings thanks to our innovative lighting designs, excellent customer service and not to forget, our customers who have been always supported our out of the box thinking method. Here at PCO, we offer several services to our customers. Those include our

Lighting Products                     Accessories                     Custom Made Products                     Lighting Application Designing                     Product Shipments

These services are being delivered with an eye for details and we believe that this criteria of us have created a niche for us in this lighting industry.

Lighting Products

Our PCO's lighting products are very well known in Malaysia, and we are still expanding our markets with our product designs. We proudly align our 12 product families containing various products to customers. The mentioned product are

Architechtural Lightings

Office Lightings

Green Concept Lightings

Fluorescent Battens

Downlight Series

Street Lanterns

Hypermarket Lightings

Floodlight Series

Emergency Lightings


Decoration & Garden Lights

Custom Made Products


PCO Lite Electrical also provide electrical and electronical accessories used for lighting products. Products such as

T8 Fluorescent Lamp Ballast
Compact Fluorescent Lamp Ballast
High Pressure Sodium Ballast
High Pressure Metal Halide Ballast
High Pressure Mercury Ballast
Superimposed Ignitor
Superimposed Ignitor ( Lamp Failure Recognized )

This accessories which comes in a tip-top condition, ready and easy to install at very reasonable price.

Custom Made Products

We manufature a lot of products in our factory. All the products comes with their own default specifications and designs. Besides that, we at PCO also give our customers an option to choose their very own customized specifications according to their lighting needs. We will guide them through the process of customizing by exposing the choice that they have, alongside it's difference. This service will educate them about the specifications and also the effect of their choice on the lighting design.

Beside the custom specifications, we also offer custom made product designs for our customers. The custom made designs will be absolutely based on the customer's lighting needs and and designed in-house by our design team. Our previous custom made products are,

Badminton Court
PLL Indirect Luminaire
PLML Indirect Luminaire
Wall Washer
Asymmetric Batten Fitting
Continual Strip Lighting Luminaire
Continual Fluorescent Luminaire
Wide Body Strip Channel Fitting
Clean Room Luminaire (Bottom Access)
Clean Room Luminaire (Top Access)
Economic Type Clean Room Luminaire
T8 Mirror Luminaire For Luxalon Ceiling

Lighting Application Design

Lighting Application Designing is a service given to our customers by our design team. We provide this service to give our customers a clear view about the details of the project we are in. This design requires the consideration of the amount of functional light provided, the energy consumed, as well as the aesthetic impact supplied by the lighting system.

For some structures, like surgical centers and sports facilities, they are more largely concerned to provide the appropriate amount of light for the related activities under the light. Other structures such as warehouses and office buildings, gives more priority to save money through the energy efficiency of the lighting system. Other buildings such as casinos and theatres, are primarily concerned with enhancing the appearance and emotional impact of it's architecture through lighting systems. Therefore, it is important that the sciences of light production and luminaire photometrics are balanced with the artistic application of light as a medium in our built environment.

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Product Shipments

PCO's product shipments can be clasified into 3 groups, fast, moving and slow. Fast group consist of products that will be produced at a fast pace, about 1 week of time. On the other hand, the moving group consist of products that will be produced at medium pace, about 3 to 4 weeks. In addition, the slow group consist of products that will be produced at slow pace, about 3 to 4 months. This information is displayed in the 'Delivery' column in the information table in every page of our catalog.

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